Times Fly's and its eating time...

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Garden ready!

The garden has been doing really well, we are starting to harvest fruits of the garden every day now, makes a huge difference having fresh produce from our own garden on the table or being able to share it with our family and friends.  

As with every garden there have been a few disappointments, trying to grow pumpkin and parsnip… and a few surprises, growing heritage vareities and also having seedling appear when you thought they were not going too.

We are looking forward to seeing the vege/fruit that hasn’t reach maturity as the sumer progresses… lol and the glut of tomatoes… just over 30 tomato plants in the glass/hot house and outside… the cucumbers and watermelon.

Sharing a photo of the different vege beds and the glass/hot houses in full action…

Happy Summer and Gardening to all