Picking Beetroot!

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Garden in progress

My garden has been slow to plant this year because it has not been warm enough for most things to grow.  One of the things I did plant was beetroot, and I have been happy to see it growing.  This morning I was able to harvest it, and it has done well.  Finally I got something out of my garden!  

Two weeks ago I planted 4 capsicum plants, one Moneymaker tomato, and 2 Cherry tomatoes, 6 bean plants, 2 cucumber plants and 5 Sugar Snap Peas.  I also have fancy lettuce growing with the strawberries, and I have had 3 salads made from it.  

I was very excited today to find 3 little capsicums growing on the Jingle Bells capsicum!  The Moneymaker tomato has 2 little baby tomatoes as well.  The beans are beginning to grow and one has a few flowers on it.  Sadly the peas did not make it and shrivelled up and died.  

The herbs I have growing at the moment are mint, rosemary and basil.  The mint is really nice with potatoes and in salads.  The rosemary is going mad and I am drying some of it in the kitchen right now. The basil is growing with the staked tomatoes because they like to grow together.  

In other news, our family has harvested the garlic we planted in June, and I now have sweetcorn growing in the corn bed.  Over the last two weeks I began to clear out a new tomato for the tomatoes that need staking, and I now have 4 staked tomatoes growing out there. 

All our garden beds need fences, so I have been making fences out of bamboo and chicken wire to protect everything from the mad labrador.  

I have some more clearing out of the tomato bed to do, and I will plant some more tomatoes in there.  My sister is growing them from seed, so I am waiting for them to be ready.  She is also growing some cucumbers which are getting big quite fast, so I hope to plant them out soon.