Finally we're seeing some growth!!

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Garden ready!

Well the garden has come a long way since I first weeded it nearly three months ago.  I am out there every day now, no matter what the weather is, checking on my plants, and harvesting the beginning of anything that may be ready.  Yesterday I pulled up one of the carrots, which was ALMOST ready.  I will leave the others for longer, but I will have to google how to tell when they are ready. 

I have also had to harvest the garlic, as all of the leaves died and went yellow.  When I pulled it all up, we worked out that we had left it too long as most of the bulbs had split apart.  They were very very big though! 

Right now I have beans beginning to grow, and they are looking great.  The capsicums are still growing, so I am excited about that.  My corn bed has failed though, with only 2 corn growing.  We are going to buy some corn seedlings this week to add to it, and hope that they grow.  The ones that we have are pretty big now, so hoping they grow some corn soon. 

We have 5 cucumber plants too, and they are beginning to flower, so those will be great cucumbers in the end.  We also have tomatoes beginning to grow on the Moneymaker Tomato.  I can’t wait for those!  

The weather has cleared up now and finally it is hot enough to plant some of the seedlings my sister has grown. I’m going to be busy out there this week and I can’t wait to see it all grow!