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Garden in progress

I love to grow HERBS and have quite a number of plants along the southern wall of my house that do really well. There is MINT, CHAMOMILE, SAGE, THYME, BEE BALM, PYRETRUM and added today was TARRAGON, NASTURIAN, LAVENDER and more THYME. Nothing new could be planted again until I pruned back the 2 huge SAGE bushes. Oh added some LOBELLIA for extra colour.

Further along is an established LAVENDER that kicks out masses of lovely purple flowers. And a big PINEAPPLE SAGE bush. Then to the right of the HERB garden is a big ROSEMARY bush more CHAMOMILE and some OREGANO or MARJORAM, never quite sure which one I have after one had to be dug out as it was taking over the garden. All this goodness pretty much under my kitchen window and close to the back door so I can harvest bare footed as if further up the section I would need to don footware or suffer pain from the Onehunga weed.

My PASSIONFRUIT is absolutely loaded this year BUT I did spy some fluffy bums (Passion Fruit Vine Hopper in the making) so it was out with a bottle of YATES spray that deals to these critters. That sure sent them hopping.

The TOMATOES planted out yesterday look pretty sharp today especially the TINY TOMS. One LARGE RED is looking a tad sad but it may yet pull through. I live in hope. RUNNER BEANS are really picked up on the running race now and have reached the top of the Tee Pee so tendrils are gently waving in the breeze.

The CUCURBIT patch seems to have produce even more wee seedlings overnight. Now I am not sure what they are but 3 guesses would be PUMPKIN, ZUCCHINI or MELON. Time will tell. The CUCUMBERS, though small, are doing fine and flowering already even before they have reached the netting just above them.  I am going to have a cracking good crop of ONIONS this year though I will not wash them as I usually do as hear they last longer with a few pecks of dirt on them.

Two more SILVERBEET have bolted and gone to seed so Mrs Lawnmowing lady will take them away on Tuesday for a chooky delight. I have seedlings to replace them. More RADISH have popped through but no sign yet of CARROTS, SPRING ONIONS, DWARF BEANS or BEETROOT. AND the SPUDS are romping away. SWEETCORN is fair but not fantastic this year.

AND I really need to deal to the massive area of BORAGE that has flowered and going to seed. Amid it there were lots of FLANDERS POPPIES and still a few left so hoping next year it will be a FLANDERS POPPY area and less BORAGEThink I have my work cut out there controlling the BORAGE.

What did I not plant but intended to?  SQUASH, CHIILI, EGGPLANT and LETTUCE. I will have to buy a punnet of LETTUCE as no amount of trying can I get them to grow from seed.

Two brilliant sunny warm days here in Te Awamutu BUT I really would like it to rain 

Guess that about sums up this years garden challenge for me so see you all next year.

CarolJane – Waikato