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Garden ready!

My garden beds have been doing so well ever since I removed all that post peeling mulch, about a week after I removed it you could see the growth starting to take off.  I never had yellow leaves again and the growth has been amazing.

My BEANS are starting to get ready and I had my first sample yesterday, there is just nothing that compares to the taste of a homegrown BEAN, LETTUCE has done well and I need to plant some more, TOMATOES are looking good and are in full flower, RADDISHES are ready and I need to start harvesting, SNAP PEAS are plentyfull and this kids are constantly by the plants raiding them. 

The coloured pots have been a huge success so far, the TOMATOES are growing huge and so is the BASIL planted with them, the ZUCCHINIS have done well and are full of little fruits, for the BUTTERNUTS I have put up a trellis so I will try to grow them up that, the BUTTERKIN PUMPKINS will just grow along the paving, the CAPSICUMS and CHILLIES in the pots are also doing well.

I am very please with how the outside garden has gone, it has been a pretty dry and hot end of spring/ Start of summer so this has definitely contributed to the great growth.