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Garden ready!

To be honest im not ready to say goodbye, I really enjoy doing these blogs and reading how everyones gardens are going. These is still so much to be said and so much gardening to be done. 

I wanted to finish with an update of how I have found my smaller garden with 3 garden beds, a greenhouse and pots, compared to the 1000m2 plus massive extra gardens I had up north.

I think this garden has been the healthiest garden I have ever had, with 2 of the garden beds and the greenhouse I started with brand new compost so it was a good start but even the existing garden bed the plants are supper healthy.  With having a smaller area to work with I have been able to feed the plants regularly as well as tend to plants that have insects and spray preventative for fungus. I have also been able to water daily where we were on tank water up north so watering couldnt happen.

I have planted everything that I wanted to, also making use of the flower garden.  I planted sweetcorn in the neighbours garden which I couldnt plant in mine.

The only things I miss are my fields of POTATOES, my ASPARAGUS patch, planting lots of ONIONS, planting dry beans for soups and masses of PUMPKINS but overall I think I can live with it.

I have a smaller garden now but I think its yieling better than my large garden coz I have been able to look after it better.

While I was out in the garden today taking photos I spotted a little black flying thing on the TOMATO plants so straight away I got out my YATES SUCCESS ULTRA insect control just in case it is the tomato psyllid bug, Im not loosing my TOMATOES to anything this year.

I also got a nice harvest of CUCUMBER, SNAP PEAS, TOMATOES, ZUCCHINI, RADDISH, CARROT, MINT, BASIL and LETTUCE. With the BASIL I made the first batch of pesto for the season and we had it with TOMATO, chicken and pasta.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all you and hope you all have wonderful harvests.

Im already looking forward to next year.