I've Boldly Grown What I Haven't Grown Before... Captains Log Dated..... The Final Entry!

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Garden ready!

I can’t believe that the garden challenge is coming to a end. I have enjoyed every moment. I have never gardened on my own before and I feel I have learnt so much in such a short time. Some things have gone well but I have learnt more from the things that went wrong or failed. At the end of this season I have to move my entire garden and start all over again as my mum wants to put her poly tunnel in her garden. I am not sad about this as it gives me the opportunity to design a new garden based on what I have learnt this year. Thank you  Yates for this challenge as it inspired and encouraged me to give it a go. Thank you to everyone that have left comments or advice on my blogs and a huge thank you from my English teacher for the immense improvement in my writing skills due to my blogging. This was the initial reason I took on this challenge but it has lead to a whole new way of life that I will always enjoy. Goodbye from Daisy Cottage Junior                    2017.