Feel like it's only just beginning

Distracted Gardner is talking about growing Beans, Beetroot, Sweetcorn, Tomato from Auckland

Garden in progress

I’ve only just realised we are at the end of the challenge!!  I have enjoyed tracking what I’ve done on here, and following what others are up to and how they do things too.  Certainly have come away with more ideas to implement!!  (wicking beds next on the list).

I harvested my early garlic the other day so that emptied out a garden bed.  My last lot of seedlings stalled and wouldn’t grow, think my organic potting mix I got is a dud, so I have planted them all out as tiny as they are and will see if they survive.  Mum had tomatoes plants left over (these plants are younger than my seedlings but huge!).  They needed staking straight away, so I decided to get more stakes.  My parents have a bamboo forest, but the bull was in where the chopped bamboo was and Dad couldnt find the slasher to attack the other stuff with.  Kids and males were happy, that meant they could do it with the tractor and a chain, so Grandad and Dad pulled bamboo out by the roots and the kids carried them to Grandma and I to be ‘pruned’ and cut into the right lengths.

All the tomatoes (tomato sauce as my son calls them) are in with their stakes, and I tied them up tonight.  Lettuce is going to seed and new plants are in too.  Corn has finally all been planted, I did it in stages so hopefully it won’t all be ready at once.  i am still working on building the carrot garden and the new garden.  I have water melon seedlings (have never got seeds to grow before) to go in the new garden.  Will have to buy some capsicum plants this year as i can’t get seeds to grow.  Potatoes in bags are still growing well, looking like they may flower soon, just have to keep them watered.  Beans are getting there and need to plant more, beetroot looks healthy again after sheep ate their leaves.

16 of the sheep were sold today, so only have 2 left:( And houdini chook has finally been caught and had her wings clipped and it’s been 3 days and she hasn’t been out.  So maybe now my garden will have a greater chance of surviving:)

We have been having light rain showers over the last couple of days so hoping thats enough, the water situation is getting scary so don’t want to do much more watering.

Always more work to do but I am glad I had this challenge to motivate me this far.  I haven’t taken a photo of the garden now that it is mostly planted up, but I might put the photo up if I can.  Hoping everybody gets lovely rain showers at night, and beautiful gardening days in the summer months:)