Hi from Grace the Yates Kids Ambassador - The End

Grace the Yates Kid Ambassador is talking about growing Pumpkin from Waikato

Garden ready!

Hi all

This  years   challenge went so fast  and now come to an end   .  It was a slow  wet start this year till the sun got to our gardens but its  been a far better growing weather than last season for many of us   , 

 I saw so many  new growers working  ever  so hard  having so much fun and most of all learning lots of new things about different plants.

  This year and was good to see so many others of you coming  back for another  year   to take part . 

Keep on  growing  you all have put in to much great work to stop now . Why not  start by  Setting   yourself a goal  to work on over  the  coming months  . 

look for other competitions  you could  enter you veg of flowers  in next year to fill in time till the next yates growing challenge

  mine is all ready under way  to grow as many different pumpkins to enter as many class  I can  at The       Great  Pumpkin Carnival   held in Hamilton    and will be on    Sunday, 8 April 2018  at the Hamilton gardens

Even Sarah    is challenging       her   self to grow a giant pumpkin again in the celebrity   class at the great pumpkin carnival 

 make a list of things you want to  have a go at      the yates web site or face book page  has so much help if you get stuck   message one of the yates team as they are always happy to help solve your  questions

congratulations to each and every   one of you  for your commitment  in   your gardens during this years challenge


I would like to thank the team at yates for making this challenge possible    

a big  thanks you to  Sarah O’Neil    for her help and support   again this 

it has been an   honor    being the Yates kid Ambassador again this year ive have enjoyed seeing lots more kids having a go in the garden     

Please look me up on face book    Growing THEM BIG in New Zealand with Grace 

 I wish each and every one of you a very merry Christmas and a happy new year   

see you back here in 2018 growing  another journey  with Yates