It's bean a success!

Loobee is talking about growing Beans, Leek, Lettuce, Pumpkin, Silverbeet, Tomato from Wellington

Garden in progress

I was very sruprised this weekend to find 2 whole rows of beans germinated in my garden (4th try I think), I thought it had been so hot and dry there was no chance. Apparently there were a couple of thunder showers in the Wairarapa this week so that probably helped but it was very dry and baking hot this weekend.

Everything is growing like crazy though. The garden I tried to grow beans in got planted out with lettuce, silverbeet, and cabbage instead and they look amazing, doubled in size this week. They get a bit of afternoon shade and the garden has lots of horse manure and some ash and blood and bone. Don’t know why the beans didn’t like it, but they are happy where I pulled out the failed leeks.

This weekend I planted out more lettuce seedlings, leeks and the pumpkins, a rockmelon and watermelon. I hope they survive with only weekly watering.

The courgettes are getting into gear, flowering and getting bigger. The cucumbers, the replacments plants I got at labour weekend, are flowering and the tomato plants are growing so fast.

Tonight I harvested some more jersey bennes, silverbeet, lettuce and the french breakfast raddishes. I miss the gentle giants, will have to put in some more. Only thing is it is so dry now they might not go so well.

The photo is of the courgettes and pumpkins. I have mulching with cardbard boxes and tree mulch so they don’t get lost in the long grass.