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Mel Wenger is talking about growing Broccoli, Herbs, Peas, Spring Onion, Tomato, Something else from Wellington

Garden ready!

These lovely rhubarb stems became a batch of rhubarb Apple muffins, and a rhubarb Apple crumble.

i love using up the apples that are no longer nice to eat fresh, and there certainly is no shortage of rhubarb in the garden.

My little helpers are loving this time where we can begin to harvest and eat what we planted some time ago.

It’s an ongoing job to keep the birds out of the garden. The children tend to rip the fastenings when eagerly grabbing at strawberries. Just one of the many upkeep jobs you need to stay on top of if you want to feed yourselves instead of the birds. 

My children made a pine cone bird feeder to keep them happy. 

Really enjoying gardening this year. And more importantly the whole family is really seeing the value of the garden for the first time.

Nothing like a good ol challenge to kick you into gear.