Eating my own tomatoes!

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Garden ready!

Sorry for being so absent lately, life is so busy here that I barely have time to weed and water, let alone write about or read others posts.  I’m missing catching up with all your gardens!

I’m totally in a state of water and ignore at the moment.  While watering I do check in on the plants, have a quick chat with them, see what is flowering or growing veges for me.  And maybe munch on something tasty!  Today was strawberries again.

My sweetcorn is popping through.  I’ll give it a few more days then pop some more seeds in the spaces.  Tomatoes and capsicum are flourishing, the toms need tying to their stakes again.  I need to go out and pick beans and peas before they get too big to eat.  I just remember to take some carrot seeds out and sow some more.  Perhaps I’ll grab them once I’ve finished this and leave them somewhere annoyingly in the way so I remember!! We’ve eaten some zucchini, and have more growing nicely.  We have too much lettuce.  The squash vines are taking over. Luffa and gourds are growing up their stakes.  My pickle cucumber in the pot is doing fantastically, the ones in the garden are good but not as great.  Hopefully I’ll be able to pickle some this year!

Next water should be a feed too, for everything.  I have some strawberry food for the berries and lots of seaweed tea for everything else.  Everything is planted out apart from some pepinos, tomatillo and elderberry, I’m still deciding where they would be best.  In the meantime, those get watered at least daily.

I hope everyone elses gardens are coming along well.  I’ll have a quick read soon.