Our Last Supper.... for the Year.

Parkview is talking about growing Beans, Tomato, Zucchini, Something else from Canterbury

Garden ready!

Tuesday was the last day we had to spend in our school garden this year and the last week of the challenge. So we decided to make a harvest plate of samples of the edible foods we have grown. Each child was given the task of picking a certain food and we all arranged them so nicely on the plate to admire.

During the last weeks the children have started to eat handfuls of parsley and have literally stripped the fennel plant of its licorice -tasting fluffy leaves, but we all have been waiting for the treat of yummy sun warmed strawberries!!!

They are the first foods ready from our peastraw bale garden. We still have hope for the tomatoes, zuchini and beans but need to be patient. The bales look very pleasant and maybe with an occasional rainfall, the plants may have had more growth by now. The vege growing challenge may come to an end but our experimental peastraw garden is still going to interest us for sometime to come. If you get a chance…why not try a bale or two for your own experiment.