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Rimu Gully Gardens is talking about growing Lettuce, Sweetcorn, Tomato, Zucchini from Auckland

Garden ready!

Wow what an interesting season it’s been! It felt like we only had one month of Spring, and now after nearly 6 weeks of no rain it looks like we’re in for a drought. I’m so thankful for my wicking beds. They have only been topped up once since I made them! They are incredible, and my corn is 4 times the size of corn in my normal beds planted at the same time, and that requires regular bit frugal watering. The difference the wicking beds are making is staggering. 

Its not just the wicking beds that are helping through this dry spell. We also saved 3000l of water from our shed roof over winter, and I’m also dumping some household very water directly onto the garden. So despite the challenging conditions, we are doing OK. In fact this is by far the best vegie garden I’ve had. 

The season started tough with the brassica massacre, our lab annihilated my nearly ready to harvest brassica crop, over several stealth night missions. Fortunately a slow little red cabbage seedling survived, so looks like we’ll have a nice coleslaw for Christmas dinner, if he doesn’t get to it first haha. Also hoping we’ll get a good harvest of potatoes. 

The tomatoes are doing great, despite and very slow and precarious start. They are now huge, in dire need to tying up, and covered with lovely shiny green globes. Gosh I love the smell of tomato plants! We’ve got a continuous supply of lettuce and zucchini too. 

The challenge was made more challenging by me having to have surgery half way through. But I’m well on my way to being fully recovered now and I’m looking forward to a long summer with yummy home grown produce. 

A massive thank you to Yates for running this challenge. It’s really pushed me and I’m really seeing the results. And a huge thank you to Sarah the Gardener for inspiring me to enter.