Whats been happening in the garden?

Tuakau's Little Stars is talking about growing Cucumber, Leek, Lettuce, Peas, Tomato from Waikato

Garden in progress

What’s been happening in the garden?

Lots both good and bad with a bit of I don’t know in-between.

The peas are growing fast and we have one flower emerge, they are strong and growing very quickly we are hoping that there will be something to pick before we go on holiday.


The potatoes continue to look good though the red potatoes foliage is not quite as healthy as the brown potato, but we don’t know why. They have both had the same amount of water and food, the only difference is what they have been planted in.


Our lettuces are ready for eating and the snails have already started, we have even found a green caterpillar on the one and only successful cauliflower. These will be picked for eating at the beginning of next week. Tonight, is our centre’s Christmas party so we want the garden to look its best for all the families and whanau to see our hard work.  


The cucumbers and courgettes all have flowers and mini veges growing on them, and the leeks are looking very good.


The bad now, we put our compost into one of the raised gardens and filled the rest with garden mix, someone must have had a tomato for lunch one day because we have a serious issue with tomato plants popping up everywhere last could there were over twenty….solution we will pot these up and parents can take them home for their own garden. Though these tomatoes are growing faster than the one we grew form seed and planted.


Our peanut haven’t grown we are not sure how long they take but at this point the children don’t think they will appear.


Lastly, we have planted an upside-down tomato. We did this a few years ago and the children saw a photo of it when they were looking back though our garden diary (yes, we have a garden diary for this year as well), they wanted to know all about it and asked if they could have one too.


The butterflies continue to emerge five at a time these last few days and we watched a caterpillar turn into a chrysalis from start to finish, we usually only see the end.


Well back to the Christmas Party.