One down

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Garden in progress

One garden fully planted out, as seen in photo. First is a couple of the drums im using to grow potatoes, These are some I put in latter and I am topping up the soil as they grow. Next is my “onion garden” as I read they don’t grow well with other things, it has pukekohe long keeps and leeks and my one red onion from new world little gardens. next against the shed we have peas, then purple beans then runner beans. In front of those I two rows of money maker tomatoes then a row of red cherry toms with a black one on the other end also two toms from and New world little garden. Then starting at me again, right on the edge of the garden to grow up over the lawn on the netting first is a pumpkin (buttercup or butternut) then a zucchini (these are yellow or the flying saucer type other then the couple from the new world little garden), then two cucumbers from the new worlds little garden with a zucchini inbetween. then another zucchini and pumpkin. then two richmond green cucumbers with a zucchini inbetween. Then another zucchini then an apple cucumber (my other died but put some more seeds in today) another zucchini then two more pumpkins. Growing under it all starting close to me is radishs and carrots (thats what you can see)(The rest I planted to day so only seeds at the mo) then some beetroot, more radish and carrots of different types, then basil, more radish carrots, leeks,  radish and carrots, coriander and celery, radish and carrots, lettuce and more radishs (order might not be right have to wait and see what grows where). My aim is to use this last bit as ground cover so I don’t have to weed so much. I know there is a lot going on in this garden so I am feeding everything one a week with yates fish and seaweed plus