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Garden ready!

Last update of the challenge. But not at home so an old photo, I think I have twice as many containers there now.

BEANS- all three types are flowering (scarlett runners, purple beans and dwarf yellow) but no beans yet.

PEAS- flowering and have picked a few (mostly eaten raw at the mo)

TOMATOES- Most of them are flowing and I had to stake them all. (Money makers, black cherry, yellow cherry, red cherry, the new world ones, angel cherry and kumato, from the warehouse)

CARROTS- I just plant the seeds and they are coming up. (Both long ones and small round ones)

ZUCCHINIS- They all have little ones on them (Yellow, Green and Yellow and green patty pans)

CUCUMBERS- none showing yet on the older plants other then the gherkins, planted some more out today. (Apple, richmond green, lebanese, the new world ones, and snacker)

RADDISHS- The first lot I planted I have been picking and eating. planted somemore the other day.

POTATOES- These are at all different stages as I have been putting them in as I got the containers but the oldest if flowering.

BEETROOT- Thinned these out today by picking some baby ones to roast yummy. Also planted some more seeds.

HERBS- Coriander is going to seed so trying to use it every day. Basil, not very big yet have used a few leaves in some salads. 

ONIONS, GARLIC, LEEKS, SHALLOTS- all growing fine no where near ready.

CHILLIS- the one I over wintered has taken off and grown heaps of flowers but no chillis as of yet. Pepper dew seeds I planted are just coming up.

EGGPLANTS- I lost some of the ones I brought as it was too cold for them but lots of the seeds I planted came up. But not very big yet.

SPRING ONIONS- I have been cutting and using the red ones, the normal ones are still quite small

SPINACH- The stuff in the shade mix gets to much sun (thought it was shady there) and has gone to seed. Planted some more in a container but its only just come up.

LETTUCE- Have a bit growing and have been picking it and eating salad.

CORN- sweetcorn is growing well not doing much at the mo. Planted out the red popping corn today.

CAPSICUM- Planted out but not very big yet.

PUMPKIN- No action here yet either just growing leaves (have, buttter nut, butter cup and crown)

CELERY- was in the shade mix too, plants are small at the mo.

Also have an asian stirfry mix growing in a container.

Think that everything. Not eating much yet mostly still in the younger stages (thats why I was surprised this was finishing so early). But good luck to everyone.