Garden Poem

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A garden blog challenge in spring I did spy,

Oh, what a great activity for my three girls to try.

I started to blog too, I really had a ball,

Telling of my successes and failures to you all.

We started out with weather so wet,

Barely into the garden could we get.

Then suddenly the weather was very dry,

Hoping for rain to fall from the sky.

A battle with slimies, the situation dire,

Lots of night hunting and a win did transpire.

An ongoing saga with kikuyu creeping in,

Weed, weed, weed, I am determined to win.

A back injury when gardening isn’t ideal,

But with patience and perseverance it will heal.

I see the garden growing lush in the field,

Dreaming of all the goodies it will yield.

To grow food from not much but dirt, sun, water and seed,

Is such a wonderous miracle indeed.

The blogging is over, next year I will return,

So much with others to share and to learn.

May everyones garden grow plenty to share,

Merry Chrisrmas and a Happy New Year.