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The challenged gardener

Rambling Gardener is talking about growing Silverbeet from Auckland

I've entered this Yates vege challenge, a month has passed and I STILL haven't sown any seeds. Yates has sent me silverbeet 'Bright lights". It's a marvellous coloured variety and looks very ornamental in yellow, orange and red stalks.


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Pass the peas please

Rimu Gully Gardens is talking about growing Peas from Auckland

Yum. Had a great harvest of peas. My daughter absolutely loved helping to shell them and had more than a few. They are like delicious little green vegie lollies. It's the first time I've grown them, so worth it. 

Everything in the ...

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It's all surviving

Distracted Gardner is talking about growing Beans, Sweetcorn, Tomato from Auckland

Everything is growing well now.  We haven't done much today, only had a look around and picked some laterals off tomatoes.  My boy was very surprised by the growth on the potatoes, and I was surprised by the beans.  The dwarf yel...

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Otaua School Garden In The Making

nature warriors is talking about growing Something else from Auckland

Otaua School is a bronze enviro school, Pare Kore (Zero Waste) and a Trees For Survival School. We are in the process of building 2 15m x 1.5m raised vegetable gardens. This is a community project, local biuinesses are sponsoring us as well as ...

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wulan is talking about growing Tomato from Auckland

they're growing slowly

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