More transplanting, sowing and sprouting.

Angelica-Skylar is talking about growing Carrot, Cucumber, Leek, Lettuce, Peas, Radish, Tomato from Auckland

Garden in progress


I have been doing a lot in the garden today.  I have planted my tomato seeds and transplanted a few things including some cucumber which sprung up after the previous cucumber died.  I think when I mixed around the soil some of the seeds were moved closer to the top of the soil and sprouted. 

A similar thing happened to my carrots and radishes, I thought they were gone but I mixed around the soil and they sprung up again.  I planted them in the veggie patch.

I transplanted some cosmos out of the seed tray they were in, to a pot that mum has a couple of irises in because she said she wanted some more colour there.

My lettuces are getting really big!  They are almost ready to start picking leaves from!  I cut a little bit off the edge of one of the leaves and ate it because I really wanted to taste the first edible bit of my garden this year.  It was very good and I was pleased!

My peas aren’t doing so well as they are being eaten by insects but there is a small possibility that they might come back so I haven’t given up all hope yet.

It is raining at the moment but when it stops I think I will transplant my leeks out the seed tray.  They really need some more space.

I still haven’t planted my watermelon seeds but I plan on doing it soon.

Also, thank you to yates! I got some more seeds in the mail from the last kid’s mini challenges (watermelon and apple cucumber),  I aready have some watermelon seeds so I plan to save them for next year but I think I will plant the apple cucumbers soon.

I hope you all have good luck in you garden!