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Garden in progress

Well today loomed and I was up and about far earlier than usual so I drew up a check list.

  • Snail Catch – Big √  - Yippee success and CUCUMBER #1 has been saved
  • Check TOMATOES are surviving – √  - 6/6 looking perky
  • Transplant BABY BEETS – √ – A little wilted but they will survive
  • Sort compost heap – √ – Tossed the top layer of dry stuff aside then WOW beautiful rich compost riddled with worms that I levelled out so as to make the CUCURBIT patch a little more even
  • Plant out EGG PLANT and CHILLI - √ – At least they are in the ground now and surrounded by Snail Bait
  • Mix up and Spray YATES THRIVE SEA WEED AND FISH FERTILISER – √ – All the new seedlings got a fix.
  • Plant out SUNFLOWERS – X –  Umm, Tomorrow is another day
  • Pat self on the back – Big √
  • Have a glass of wine – √√
  • Cook dinner – hmm, Friday night so homemade Fish and chips

 In the smaller raised garden the RED CARROTS have sprouted, PARSNIPS are a flop crop, MANCHESTER TABLE CARROTS are just showing through, BEETROOT up and looking good and BABY BEETS ksut planted out today look a tad wilted. At the back and startign to climb the mesh are a few PEA plants and of course the sole CUCUMBER that was saved from the snails. There are also a few latger BEETROOT nearly ready to pull and a small row of CARROTS that are not far off being ready.

Then there is SILVERBEET and CELERY that are starting to bolt, a couple of hearty BROCCOLI and several huge RED CABBAGE that are taking their time to heart up. BROAD BEANS are coming on in force and some ready for picking. DWARF BEANS are beating the snails and looking good. RUNNER BEANS! well they are slow this year. 

Well that’s about it for me today from sunny Te Awamutu.

Happy gardening

CarolJane – Waikato