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Garden in progress

WHAT HAVE I BEEN DOING IN THE GARDEN THIS LAST WEEK? The answer to that question is simple as in nothing. 

WHY? Well Monday and Tuesday were wet days, Wednesday and Thursday I helped out at my ex work place, Friday I was plum puckerd out, Saturday and today there is a howling cold wind and rain. All in all a totally unproductive week in my garden.

BUT looking out from the back door I see SILVERBEET, BEETROOT and CELERY bolting. I see beautiful STRAWBERRY plants pushing out lots of flowers, BROADBEANS producing pods, RUNNER BEANS starting to climb up the bamboo Tee Pee, RED CABBAGE getting huge but barely hearting, RHUBARB that is flourishing, wee CARROTS, BEETROOT, PEAS, CUCUMBER, PUMPKIN, ZUCCHINI and TOMATO seedlings standing up and fighting against the wind, snails and cats. The GARLIC and ONIONS are huge.There is a large patch of FLANDERS POPPIES wavering in the wind and red petals being dispersed over the lawn, gorgeous IRIS, light purple, dark purple, yellow, cream, near black, light purple and white combination (that’s Jesses Song), maroon and of course the multi coloured one of autumn colours. Some have blown over in the wind but do make a welcome sight on the kitchen window sill. The perfume is lovely too. 

One good thing is I am eating well from all the veg I have harvested and frozen so I have not been to the Supermarket in 2 weeks. Only thing bought food wise was 1 bottle of milk.  

AND as I write this blog there are fireworks balstin off around me. No dogs howling and I have no idea where Missy the cat is but knowing her she will be tucked up in a safe haven somewhere like in next doors house. Both my 2 immediate neightbours love her.

Happy with my garden

CarolJane – Waikato