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Garden in progress

Wide awake and out of bed by 8am today. My inner system must have been telling me that it was going to be a perfect day to garden. AND it was. 

I had a couple of things to deal with before going into the garden. Then I took a leisurely stroll down the ROW and snipped off several dead heads on the IRIS and collected the mail and on the way back picked 4 juicey STRAWBERRIES from the garden that border a neighbours garage. It is his area but I garden it. Then I had lunch and got outside.

I weeded around the wee seedlings in the salad garden. RED CARROTS, MANCHESTER TABLE CARROTS, BEETROOT, BABY BEET and PEAS. Still no sign of PARSNIP so thinking they were a failure. There is still 1 of 2 CUCUMBER standing its ground against the snails and I do have more to plant out

Next I transplanted 2 more HEIRLOOM TOMATOES and admired the way the 3 bigger purchased TOMATOES at the back are coming on and that the 3 previous HEIRLOOM TOMATOES are picking up ever so slowly.

Well I have no idea what is happening in the CUCURBIT patch least to say I did have 6 PUMPKINS and now there are 3. The 3 lost ones seem to have given up the fight for survival. Last year I randomly threw in a handful of PUMPKIN seed from a bought PUMPKIN and with no snail bait care or attention I got a great crop. 

Transplanted out today were 3 more ZUCCHINI so there are now 6 of them. And this time I laid YATES SNAIL BAIT at the time rather than seeing no plants left the next morning.

Number 3 of 4 RUNNER BEAN tubers has sent up tiny shoots and the other 2 are scrambling up the bamboo Tee Pee. I feel I need to plant some more seed at the 4th stake as there does not appear to be a tuber there.  There are heaps of BROADBEANS ready for picking so really must get that done this week and take some to Mum.

I gave the RED CABBAGE a squeeze and OMGosh I felt hardness so at last they are hearting up. 

SILVERBEET, CELERY and some older BEETROOT have bolted so they need to be dealt to. 

Never a dull moment in the garden. 

AND what a beautiful warm sunny day it was. Thank you Weatherperson; I wont genderise that. 

Happy gardening 

CarolJane- Waikato