CarolJane - Waikato is talking about growing Beetroot, Broad beans, Celery, Pumpkin, Silverbeet, Tomato, Zucchini from Waikato

Garden in progress

It was tough decision day today. I have been brooding over what to do about the CELERY in my garden. It came time to harden up and deal to it.

I bought seedlings of CELERY to go in the garden over winter and planted them in June along with ONIONS and GARLIC. All took well and I was looking forward to a bumper crop of CELERY. I have grown it before so what could possibly go wrong?

Well things turned to custard and the CELERY decided to put on a growth spurt and bolted faster than the horses out of the starting blocks at the Melbourne Cup or a bucking broncho at a Rodeo. I was so disappointed so put up a post on local facebook that if someone want it for stir fries or the like then come get it. I got one response and that was to freeze it for casseroles and soups. Hello! I am a one person household and don’t fancy eating celery every day of the week for years to come.

Time to get tough. The whole lot came out, snails included and tossed in the compost bin. Oh the snails got a bashing, yep I was cross, and thrown on the lawn for the birds to pick up. 

So in my garden was 4 stages to CELERY this year.

  1. Plant far too many CELERY seedlings and protect as many as one can with cut down milk bottles
  2. Watch them grow and bolt
  3. Rip the lot out 
  4. Look forward to CELERY compost and think about what next to plant.

My cross state of mind did not last long once the CELERY was out of sight and I could see how well the 3 bought TOMATOES were coming along. They needed lateral trimming so that was done. Even the HEIRLOOOM TOMATOES, ZUCCHINI and PUMPKIN seemed to be quite content. Guess that were thinking thank goodness that revolting bolting CELERY show off has gone to the graveyard so we need to be on our best behaviour otherwise we could end up in the compost graveyard through poor performance. 

Next is the bolting SILVERBEET but that does not phrase me as I pick off all the new growth and use it in fritters or a quiche. The same with bolting BEETROOT I use it. Not so CELERY.

Another stunning summery day here in Te Awamutu and a good day to garden.

Happy gardening

CarolJane – Waikato