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Garden in progress

Rain rain go away come again another day. 

It has sure been a stormy week what with dark clouds and having to flick the light on mid afternoon several times this last week then thunder and lightening and a down pour of rain. How is one to garden in such weather? No I wont be buying a Swandri or any other wet weather gear, I will wait it out and garden without such emcumberences. 

The CAPSICUM are still waiting to be transplanted outdoors but whilst now sitting on the kitchen window sill they have perked up and put on some growth so that is a plus.

I also discovered that it was not Mr BB (Blackbird) that was nibbling away at the STRAWBERRIES, it was Mr & Mrs SS (Slimy Snail). Well snails are not male or females, they are 2 in one, they are hermaphrodites in that they contain both male and female organs and to reproduce they lie head to toe and impregnate each other. Well that’s a sex lesson for some. 

Oh I diverted there re Mr & Mrs SS in that 2 nights ago I sat after dark on the back door step to take in some fresh air and I saw them, armys of them slithering over the lawn, up the boards at the back of the STRAWBERRY bed and thought hmm now I know what is nibbling at the STRAWBERRIES. It was action time and out with the YATES SNAIL BAIT and as the label reads it kills snails. Well it sure does judging by the next days results.  

In my larger raise bed the GARLIC and ONIONS are looking really good. 3 good sized TOMATO plant are flowering but need staking as one got a bit wind blown. The smaller HEIRLOOM TOMATOES are also doing well. Must say though that the hail we had did make a bit of a mess of the big TOMATO plant leaves.

RED CABBAGE - One is ready to harvest and others not far behind so I need to work out just how I am going to use them. SILVERBEET now 6-7 foot tall has gone to seed and needs to be ripped out. PUMPKINS and ZUCCHINI are doing well. RED CARROTS, MANCHESTER TABLE CARROTS and BEETROOT and BABY BEET in the salad garden have had a growth spurt and I may even get a feed of PEAS very soon as the pods are starting to bulge. CUCUMBERS are just hanging in there. RUNNER BEANS are in flower and the BROAD BEANS are really in need of being harvested. 

SWEET CORN is a dead loss with just 4 plants having survived. The lone EGG PLANT are doing fine though I feel they are begging for lots of warm weather.  OH and 2 CELERY plants in the CUCURBIT patch are doing far better than they were when in the raised garden.

Still to plant are LETTUCE and some RADISH.

AND as you see in the pic of the CAPSICUM there are FEIJOA trees outside my kitchen window are blooming beautifully. Yummy FEIJOA season can’t come quick enough for me. Love them.

That’s about it for now

Happy gardening

CarolJane – Waikato