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Garden in progress

Woke to crashing thunder and flashes of lightening this morning them it poured with rain so there was little chance of getting into the garden.

BUT then this afternoon the sun has come out so I thought it high time I picked some STRAWBERRIES. I took a good sized bowl out to the garden and picked and picked and picked more. The bowl was more than full so inside and gave them a good wash. I had to throw a few out as they were not looking very edible but who would notice a few missing? Now I need to eat them. 

The freezer is having a clean out of late to make way for new goodies soon to come. So out with some PASTA sauce to go with 20 meat balls. The pasta sauce will have in it TOMATOES (stands to reason), ONIONS, GARLIC, ZUCCHINI, PUMPKIN, CAPSICUM, CARROTSSILVERBEETCHILLI and FRESH HERBSI will cook the Meatballs throw in the Pasta Sauce and simmer the lot whilst some Vermicilli is cooking. Then it will be dish up time. I will get 4 meals from that lot. Such an inexpensive meal as all the veg are from my garden and it is so easy to make a nutritious meal or 4.  

That about sums it up for me today. Been doing paper work so no gardening done except I did pull a few weeds in the STRAWBERRY patch as I was picking BERRIES.

Happy gardening

CarolJane – Waikato