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Garden in progress

As we near the end of the challenge I though it a good idea to list all the veg I ticked at the beginning of the challenge and write about each one.

  • BEANSRUNNER BEANS are a no fail in my garden and I generally have far too many for myself so give some away. This year is no exception except to say they are only get form wee pods but I may get a taste for Christmas
  • BEETROOT – It seems to grow quite well here year around, though too many came on at the end of winter and then bolted so some went into the compost bin and others I grated and mixed with other veg for a hot cooked salad, for want of a better term. Delicious too
  • BROAD BEANS – This year I did stake them but even then some got there tops blown over though it did not stop them producing loads of yummy beans which my Mum really enjoyed. I took her more today
  • BROCCOLI – This small crop grew over winter and produce some big heads that tasted delicious.
  • CABBAGE – Still in the garden are RED CABBAGE and well ready to be decapitated.
  • CAPSICUM – Hmmm still sitting in a punnet on the kitchen window sill awaiting transplanting into the garden
  • CARROTSUPER SUCCESS with MANCHESTER TABLE that grew over winter and another 2 lots are coming along well. The PURPLE CARROTS also growing well and possibly need thinning very soon
  • CELERY – Boo hoo it bolted so was dug out except for 2 small runty plants that have been moved to the CUCURBIT patch and seem to like it there and doing well
  • CHILLI – One in the garden and more in a punnet to be transplanted hopefully this weekend.
  • CUCUMBER 3 out of 6 plants have managed to be saved from becoming snail fodder and now just starting to climb the netting
  • EGGPLANT (AUBERGINE) – Only one in the garden which has been rather slow to grow. I wait in anticipation
  • LETTUCE – yet to plants seedlings
  • PEAS – Success this year, I will be having them on Christmas Day
  • PUMPKIN – The CUCURBIT patch is starting to look rather full now as these wild things take over. And I still have some left from last year to eat.
  • RADISHSowed one lot of seed then they got away on me so went into the compost bin but will sow a few more when the LETTUCE go in
  • SILVERBEETWOW these plants are now about 7 foot tall and have massive seed heads. Two women were to come and get them for their chickens but never turned up to get them so I think they will be compost soon
  • SQUASH – Never got to sow a 2nd lot after the first seeds failed, oh well too bad I have other veg
  • SWEETCORN – Again not a lot of success 4 plants survived and not looking so flash.
  • TOMATOWoop woop I am going to have lots of TOMATOES for pasta and soup yet again
  • ZUCCHINII sow yellow ones this year and already have 1 tiny ZUCCHINI about 3 inches long but this time next week watch out, it will have mates not far behind.
  • SOMETHING ELSEONIONS and GARLIC have really done well so I am expecting a good crop. GINORMOUS SUNFLOWERS are about 15 inches tall now and holding themselves up pretty well considering all the rain, hail and wind that has battered the country. The WILD FLOWERS have taken off so there is white ALYSUM and Orange POPPIES so far and the FLANDERS POPPIES put on a spectacular show. And my favourite flower THE IRIS in various colours really looked stunning up the ROW narrow garden. Lots of admirers too.

That pretty much sums up the garden for this challenge. No doubt I will be around again next year. 

Today I received my e copy of Get Growing and there tucked away near the back were the winner of a recent give-a-way. First on the list Carol Oates – Te Awamutu and she one a NZ Gardeners Diary so that will be most welcomed.

Happy gardening all and a very Merry CHristmas and Prosperous New Year.

CarolJane – Waikato