Wanna see a CABBAGE!

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Garden ready!

I needed the loppers & wheelbarrow to wrangle this red cabbage. Now trimmed ready in the kitchen it weighs in at 5.9kg. 

I didn’t do anything different for this one, it managed to grow this size on its own. 2 from its tray of 6 succumbed to grey aphids, they seem to LOVE red cabbage and my best efforts with soapy water couldn’t save them.

But the remaining 4 have made up for that. This is the last but the other 3 grew more baby cabbages after I cut the main heads but left the base leaves & stem growing. As long as I dont need the space I leave them to grow their ‘babies’, often 4-5 more form around the main stem, they are great!
What to do with one this size? Luckily my DH enjoys doing all sorts of preserving & he will make a Red Cabbage Pickle again with this one. The recipe (in Chris Fortune’s “Pick, Preserve, Serve”) calls for one medium red cabbage……LOL