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Just starting off...

I have been quite busy over the last few weeks of winter getting my seeds started. I prefer to grow from seed as its just soooo much cheaper but I do also buy the odd seedling of specific things or when I dont have success with seeds or when I get sick of waiting. 

I started my eggplants and chillis this year very early, I put them in damp paper towel in a plastic container in the hot water cupboard then once they sprouted I planted them in seedraising mix and then put them in a large clip container in the lounge. Although I have a greenhouse it is not heated and the night temperature would have been much too cold for these heat loving plants. This method worked extremely well and my seedlings are off to a great start. They have now graduated to the greenhouse. 

My tomatoes I started a little later but also had them in paper towel in hot water cupboard first and then once planted they went into the greenhouse. 

The paper towel method is great for starting of seeds like this as they can sometimes take a while to germinate, it is also a great way to check seeds if they are maybe old and you want to test if they are still viable. I did find that the seeds germinated so much faster than if I planted them into soil. 

Other seedlings I have going in the greenhouse are lettuce, silverbeet, beetroot, spring onions, broccoli, tatsoi, pak choy, capsicum, lots and lots of tomatoes and flower seedlings. 

Some are big enough to be planted now so better get onto that.