ColletteRedman is talking about growing Chinese Cabbage, Eggplant, Lettuce, Tatsoi, Something else from Manawatu-Wanganui

Just starting off...

A few of my seedlings in the greenhouse were now big enough to graduate.  

I planted out some pak choi and tatsoi into one of the outside beds. These are a fast crop and should be finished in time for me to plant something else for summer. 

I planted some lettuce into the greenhouse. This will grow really fast with the heat in these and supply me with lettuce really soon.  I prefer the cut and come again lettuce for a constant supply.

I also planted out 2 of my eggplants into the greenhouse. They did really well in there last year so hoping for that again. 

We already have a around 90 strawberry plants in the garden but we were given this hanging tower planted by the neighbour and I had another 100 small strawberry plants just sitting around so my girl and I decided to plant the tower with strawberries. I dont really like these tower planters as I dont think they have enough room for all the plants roots and dry out too fast but we will see how we go. What I do like is we now have an extra 30 strawberry plants that take up no room whatsoever. Im thinking of trying them in the greenhouse to see if we can get some berries early.