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Just starting off...

I have done something that some of you will think is a little crazy. Today I pulled out all my new seedlings what were planted in neat little rows and replanted everything into groupings.

After doing my neighbours garden and planting everything in groups I didnt really like my rows all that much anymore. Once I started my groupings I came to realize that I was wasting allot of space with my rows especially when it came to my tatsoi, pakchoi, spinach and beetroot which can all be planted closer together. I saw that planting some faster maturing crops closer to slower maturing crops saves me space as the fast ones will be out before the slow ones get bigger. The best thing I realised is that once something comes out anthing else can go straight back into that spot without having to finish pulling out the row first, which is what I use to do  

I think this method is going to work really well for me, well I hope so. 

My dwarf beans in the greenhouse have started to show their little heads and I got impatient and decided to plant my climbing beans outside today. First I made sure the soil was nice and wet and then I just pushed the seeds into the ground 2 per stake, one purple and one green.   I wont water them  again now for 2 days, the moisture in the soil is enough to get the seeds started. If they get too much water they will just rot. 

I also planted my lettuce, beetroot and silverbeet seedlings I bought a few days ago. It seems like I have so much more room now with my new garden bed configuration.