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Garden in progress

My early potatoes are now filled to the brim with compost and were given another feed with Yates Dynamic Lifter pellets. Now we just wait for harvest time. 

My agria main crop potatoes are just starting to pop thru the soil so wont be long before I have to start topping them up. 

I just dont know what im going to do with all the compost when I tip them out. 

I planted the last 6 bush tomotoes today, 3 at the neighbour and 3 together in one of the coloured pots under the puppy proof wire. 

I saw today that the puppy is eating my pea plants so dont know what Im going to go there. 

I planted my Yates Nasturtium seeds today, there were 30 seeds in the packet so just planted all of them. They are hopefully from what I can tell from the packet a non trailing type so between my garden and the neighbours we should be able to place 30 plants. 

I planted my Yates kohlrabi and Yates radicchio seedlings today in my garden beds and now bed 1 , 2 , 3 and the greenhouse is full. I still have a few pots vacant and maybe some room at the neighbours. I still have red cabbage and florrence fennel to plant. 

I put back the bird netting over bed 2 and 3 today as the birds are just driving my nuts. The bird netting is anoying as you cant get to the plants easily but at this stage it is a must.