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Garden in progress

I had a really busy gardening day today. Weather was amazing. 

Spent 4 hours at kindergarden this morning weeding their flower gardens then pulling out all the silverbeet and cellery that had gone to seed. We planted new silverbeet, cellery and a patty pan seedlings, carrot and pea seeds in the garden and melon, watermelon, butternut and Yates Golden nugget  pupmkin into little pots.  We also planted 6 Yates Ginormous 5m Sunflowers into a punnet to go in the flower garden. The kids shelled some broadbeans that we are saving till we have a few more then we are going to make broadbean and avocado dip. The kids had an awesome time. 

Then came home and planted 18 lettuce plants at the neighbours house as well as 8 more tomato plants and 2 more cucumber plants.  Gosh we are going to have lots of tomatoes and cucumbers

Finished my day in my garden topping up the last of the potatoes with compost, they are all finished topping up now. Then I started planting out the nasturtiums into the veggie garden. I also planted the last of the florrence fennel and lettuce seedlings that I had sitting around.  Now I only have red cabbages left to plant but they are going in the neighbours front garden and I still have plenty of flower seedlings to plant out. 

Im feeling pretty spent and a little sunburnt tonight.