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Garden ready!

These 2 garden beds are my little bits of everything gardens. I use to plant everything in rows and even started this season with everything in rows then about 1 month in after doing my neighbours garden in more of a group planting I decided to lift all my seedlings and move them into group plantings. This has allowed me to fit more plants in closer together as there is not the whole space between rows to worry about, I have underplanted slower growing crops with fast crops like lettuce and as something gets harvested I can put something new in straight away where as in the past I have waited for an entire row to be harvested first.

I am supper happy that I did this even though it did set back the seedlings a bit, it looks amazing and I love it. 

Im these garden beds I have tomatoes, basil, radicchio, lettuce, spring onions, cellery, silverbeet, chillies, spinach, peans, kohlrabi, kale, beetroot and florrence fennel. The kohlrabi and kale has massive catterpillar damage and I am still deciding on their fate at this time, I have some insect netting that I could use to cover them but it has just been too windy To this point.  Everything else is powering on and I am really happy with these gardens.

I give these garden beds a weekly feed with Yates Thrive fish and seeweed or Yates Thrive fish blood and bone, this keeps the plants healthy and gives them food to grow.

In the same area I also have my potato bags, I planted 4 bags of early Rocket and 4 bags of main Agria, I have harvested 2 bags of the early and it has been slightly dissapointing.  I have now used those 2 bags to plant early/main Nadine potatoes and will continue to plant as I harvest. Im storing my seed potatoes in the frigde till its time to use them.

I love my garden beds and I am really happy with their performance this year so far.