ColletteRedman is talking about growing Beans, Capsicum, Chilli, Cucumber, Eggplant, Herbs, Lettuce, Tomato from Manawatu-Wanganui

Garden ready!

My greenhouse is my pride and joy, I always love going in there, its like a little tropical oasis. I espesially love going in there on rainy days or in winter when its cold and you cant do any gardening outside.

In my greenhouse I have tomatoes, dwarf beans that are 1m tall, chillies, lettuce, aubergine, cucumbers, pepinos, capsicum and basil. 

My pepinos and cucumbers are in handing baskets and look to be doing well, the cucumbers leaves are not as green as I would like them to be but they look good for now. This year I am trialing lining the baskets with plastic to try to reduce moisture loss as the baskets can dry out really fast especially in the greenhouse. 

My chillies are overwintered from last summer and have been producing continually.  Ill see what they are like at the end of the season and decide if I want to keep them or plant new plants next spring. 

The dwarf beans are a bit of a trial this season as I wanted to see if I could get beans earlier that outside, they are just starting to make baby beans now. Dont know if ill plant beans in there again, time will tell how well they do.

The greenhouse has been great for getting plant in the ground early and I will be harvesting tomatoes within days, it is also fantastic for getting seeds started to be planted out to the outside garden. 

I have had my issues this year and that is that I have had aphids from the get go and havnt been able to totaly shake them, its been soooo much better since my ladybug friends have come into my life and the aphids though still there, dont bother me anymore.

A greenhouse can be a breeding ground for pest and disease coz lets be honest who doesnt want to live in the tropics.

As with all my gardens the greenhouse gets a weekly feed with Yates Thrive fish and seeweed or Yates Thrive fish blood and bone, this keeps the plants growing and healthy as healthy plants can fight for themselves.