Seeds,funny weather days and an ever hopeful Gardner

Danseyland is talking about growing Carrot, Spinach, Something else from Otago


Seeds are being added every other day. Time management skills are a work in progress when there are afew under fives in our household,  so my seed sowing falls on occasions where a bottle of milk is finished. (Im short on seed trays this season,  and the milk bottles are good to let light in and adding drainage was as simple as jabbing a sausage with a steak knife) . Frosts are still at our door and the rain has made an apprence more the enough times in the past two weeks.

 Now the chilly wind from off the fresh snow has turned the suns rays down afew notches. Im definitely ever hopeful, day dream of a tunnel house, and I admit I’ve been eyeing up those good looking seedlings in the shop ( especially those dads delight tomatoes). 

Spinach is my only success story thus far at 1cm high.  I did get excited when I checked in on the carrots,  but it appears they have an invader in their midst,  time will tell who