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Hi. Everyone. I’ve just joined, as in just over a week I will officially be OFF the homeless list and moving into a rental property with LOTS of space way out in the bush so I’m going to enjoy using the challenge to get a garden going and get food on the table! 

I’ve missed having a garden dreadfully. If you’re a pray-er please pray that this all goes ahead and super smoothly! My next post will be my first day in the new house hopefully with shots of the outside space that will hopefully be a productive garden through this process!

Oh. There’s also a chook house on the property so going to be a chook mummy for the first time too :) 

 Looking forward to getting to say hi to you all xx

Oh. I have got a few seeds ready to sow as soon as I am there … Need to find seed for things I want to grow but can’t afford just yet… 

You can see from the list at the start of the post that I’m intending to grow HEAPS! Including a sunflower feild for the chooks , Jerusalem Artichokes, Kumara, potatoes and Peruvian Ground Apples ( yum)