Omg. Where do I START!!!!

Earth Maiden is talking about growing Beans, Cucumber, Lettuce, Tomato from Northland

Just starting off...

Sowed seeds of cucumber and wax butterbeans already but the rest are still packed in one of the boxes waiting to be opened and sorted. Right now there’s NO vege bed at all, the raised bed has masses of kaykouya roots all through it so not sure where to start! 

So planning to turn the but of flat area in the photo into a tomato bed and the raised bed behind it that’s full of kaykouya into an everything else spot. 

Because of the rooster and the wild rabbits I’ll need to suspend salad greens from the eaves I think. 

All the plants you see flowering are in pots and have just been put there for the moment… So it’s just a bare strip of grass underneath

No internet there so have had to come away to post this, heading back now to think about what next