Catching up

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Garden in progress

Oh my goodness, I can’t believe it’s been so long since I posted. Sorry!

I have been pottering about in the garden, but it’s the usual excuses of kids that has stopped me blogging.

My seedlings are doing well at the moment. I planted out a few that were getting too big for their pots and were merrily flowering away.  The others wander in and out of the hothouse depending on the weather. I’d been bringing them out in preparation for planting out, but the weather had turned very windy so they are tucked up inside again tonight. I pulled all the trays out the other morning as it was drizzling, thinking they’d get a nice gentle water and a feel for the great outdoors. By the time I got home at lunch time, the sun was shining on them but by the evening they were drowning in some really heavy downpours. Spring huh!!

I’ve planted out a few tomatoes and some zucchini. I’ve got beans that are finally growing (they haven’t done well so far this year, usually we’re inundated with beans!) and lots more little beetroot seedlings coming up.  My potatoes are looking healthy – the foliage got hit by earwigs last year but the actual potatoes were fine.  We’ve eaten some broad beans from the regular white flowered plants but the red flowered ones aren’t ready yet (I was late planting both though).

In the next couple of weeks, if that  I’m going to need to plant out more tomatoes, gourds, zucchini, various squash, pumpkins and melons, kohlrabi, cucumber, eggplant and more lettuce. I might need to buy some capsicum seedlings as I’ve only had one come up. I’m not at the 49 days that Sarah the Gardeners took  but I’ve not got the time or patience to wait either! 

We’ve been eating strawberries, there are a lot of blackberries on last year’s vines/canes. I’ve got blossom on all the apples and pears, there are little plums and peaches and nectarines growing. 

But we’re forecast takes force winds tonight and already there’s blossom all over the garden from the wind this arvo. Fingers crossed everything holds on!

The pic is my trays of seedlings outside the other day in the drizzle. There  was another tray inside of me recently planted seeds.