Big beautiful Beetroot

Northland Backyard Gardeners is talking about growing Beetroot from Northland

Garden ready!

I actually finally feel like my gardens are catching up with the kids….although somewhat more sparse on what we have in there. One bed is full of tomatoes. One of onions, shallots and garlic and the other…well that’s just a bit mismatch of random things. Half the bed has the winter/spring left overs and the rest is left over seedlings from the kids gardens and the next lot of succession carrots. Once the broad beans come out either the popping corn is going in or the chillies/capsicums.

The beetroot is definitely the star at the moment and the minute I can find a few uninterrupted minutes I will pull them out and bottle them up. Actually if I am honest, I don’t actually bottle properly. Nor do I do a big batch in one go. I have this awesome Tupperware container with in built strainer that I use. I get a couple big beetroot sliced up in it at a time. I tend to pick as I need. There always seems to be either a container in the fridge or some ready in the garden.