Another year almost done and dusted

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Garden ready!

It has definitely been the most challenging of challenges this year weather wise that is for sure. And for us, personally, juggling a few extra tasks along the way has definitely added to the stress levels at times. But like always, we get there in the end. 

Earlier today, I was flicking through some old photos on the ipad and I decided to flick through the gardening ones to see how far we were behind. What I discovered was not that so much what I set out to find, but how much things have actually changed in our backyard in the past few years.  It also showed what we plant, and what we grow has changed so much. 

A few years ago, at this time of year , we had a few gardens full of lush greenery….lots of carrot tops, beetroot, lettuce, tomatoes in the background and beans climbing tall. What I see now is a bed full of onions starting to dry off. A gap in one bed where I pulled out the best beetroot I have ever grown and bottled today. Broad beans in the background – and sorry Sarah, I tried some baby ones yesterday and I discovered I actually like them raw. Who would have thought that? I also have tomatoes that are only about a quarter of the height of what they would have been a few years ago….because they are our fourth lot to go in. 

Even looking at the kids gardens they have a mixed lot. Instead of things all being at the same stage (like when they first started out), they to  are all over the show. But it’s a good thing. It shows that they are gardening throughout the year, not just from September onwards. They are actually managing some succession planting. They also have heaps of flowers in there. Hubby wasn’t overly thrilled to start with as he thought he was building veggie gardens for them. LOL. I have a sneaky suspicion I have a 6 year old who would quite happily make an entire bed of flowers if he was allowed to – so long as there is corn in there somewhere too.

The most obvious change this year was adding bark and making the whole garden at the back connected. Connor and I were out there this morning having a wander around (while dad and Zac were at BMX as Connor has tonsillitis now). The feeling of being between two beds with plants towering over you is something I haven’t experienced before.  Flicking through the photos we have seen the area go from a blank canvas with a bit of a dumping area in the corner; to two gardens, a couple of trees and a compost area; to 5 gardens and a play area all neatly finished off with edging and bark. 

So while I may complain that the tomaotes aren’t there…yet. That the cucumbers are just flowering and starting to climb and same with the beans. All in all, as I walk around the garden I am pretty pleased with the way things are looking. Not just the veggies, but everything. And today, once the sun goes down, I believe I might have to get the hose out and give the garden a good soak for what feels like the first time in a month. 

Once again, I have enjoyed being back here – perhaps not posting as much as I have done in the past as the focus has been on getting jobs done. I have, however, as always, really enjoyed reading everyone’s blogs and appreciate the support given to my boys. And a huge thank you Sarah for everything that you do. I hope one day that we can make it to a gardening event and meet you and thank you in person.