Starting early indoors

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Just starting off...


Well, living in Queenstown means we’re definitely due some more frosts, and maybe even some snow, so now is the time to prepping my seeds indoors. I always start my veggies from seed as it is the best value for money. We compost at home so adding that compost to some potting mix is a cheap and easy way to give my seeds the best start.

Although you can’t tell from the photo (taken at night), I keep my seeds on my sunny window which gets about 6 hours of direct sunlight now that we’re in Spring (my favourite season!) The temperature at night here is still in the minuses or maybe zero, so the soil in the pots are warmed by the sun during the day and our lovely log burner at night. I keep my little pots regularly watered by using a spray bottle to ensure even coverage and minimal disturbance to the germinating seed.

Hopefully by starting early, it will give me the kick up the arse I need to get outside and start prepping my abandoned planters (it’s too cold to garden in Winter here – or so I say!)

Happy gardening,