Feeding Our Gardens

Simone - Picnics and Paddocks is talking about growing Carrot, Peas, Pumpkin from Northland

Garden in progress

This morning I took Luke (Mr 3) out into the garden to teach him about feeding his plants. The conversations went something like this… 

Me: We need to feed our plants a seeweed drink today to make them grow big and strong. 

Luke: Do they need chocolate too? 

Me: No, just a big drink of seaweed. 

Luke: They need lots of seaweed because they’re not growing! (They are growing, but not as fast as a three year old would like haha). 

He picked up his blue watering can and came over to me so I could fill it up with water, as well as a cap of seaweed tonic. Luke carefully watered his plants. We’re getting a lot better at this! After he’d finished watering his garden he went back inside while I continued watering the rest of the gardens. 

A couple of minutes later I hear, “RAWRRRRR!!!!” from the lounge window. 

Me: What are you doing Luke?

Luke: I’m being a T-Rex and scaring Buttons (the cat) off the gardens. 

I had to laugh. Who needs a scarecrow when you have a T-Rex? 

He’s so proud of his first little garden. In the photo are his radishes popping up, sweet peas and peas, carrots (still to come up), a miniature pumpkin and his first full potato bucket. 

Lots of learning and excitement going on.