Cottage Gardens and That Sunday 'To Do' List

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Garden in progress

It was such a beautiful sunny day yesterday so I made sure I got a few jobs done in the morning and afternoon, while it wasn’t too hot. 

Here’s a little bullet pointed list of the progress I made in the garden… 

  • I cut up old stockings and tied the tomatoes to the stakes. 
  • I then removed the bottom leaves off the tomatoes that were getting close to touching the ground. I also removed any laterals. 
  • I decided in the end that it wasn’t worth risking keeping a tomato plant that was showing early signs of blight so I pulled it out and disposed off it. I’ll purchase another beefsteak tomato to replace it next weekend at the markets. The other nine plants are all healthy. 
  • I removed the couple of leaves I noticed with black spot on the strawberries. There were a lot of leaves with black spot a few weeks ago so the spraying must be working. I’ve sprayed once with Yates Nature’s Way Fungus Spray and have also used an apple cider mix. It seems to be working. The plants are looking really healthy and are fruiting. I need to purchase more bird netting though, because I’ve put it over my sweetcorn seedlings for now. 
  • I’ve started underplanting the fruit trees. I’ll pick up some more plants next weekend, but for now have underplanted the double grafted plum (Black Doris and Omega) with comfrey. We also have two apple trees, a lemon and mandarin in the backyard. It’s amazing what you can squeeze into a small space. I also mulched underneath with hay. Hay is fine for this space because it’s on the bank. 
  • I moved the potato bag, kumara and peas in the pot into a sunnier space. I noticed the water tank was shading them for most of the day. 
  • More kumara slips have also been planted. $3 for 15 slips was a pretty good deal at the growers market on Saturday!
  • I also did a bit of planting. More tomatoes got put in, an apple cucumber, cape gooseberry and rainbow carrot seeds were directly sowed. I didn’t get around to planting the sunflower seeds, but will do that this week as well. 
  • Our crystal glass gem popping corn seeds are popping up so fingers crossed we have better luck this time. I’ll be planting them in a better location where it will be easier to protect them from the birds. 

The cottage gardens are starting to look quite pretty now. Cornflower, Cosmos, Pansy, Calendula, Marigolds, Nasturtium and Snap Dragons all in flower now. The Canterbury Bells won’t be far away. The spinach definitely needs to be pulled out soon. Loving the mix of salad greens, flowers and herbs. 

Have a great weekend everyone! :)