Quality Time In The Garden

Simone - Picnics and Paddocks is talking about growing Beetroot, Lettuce, Peas, Zucchini from Northland

Garden in progress

Today was my first day at home after being at school camp with my class of year 4 children. They’ve had an amazing time and I’ve loved being part of it, but I’m completely shattered! 

I work Monday – Thursday at our local rural school so today was spent at home with Luke (Mr 3). We were well overdue for some quality time together so this morning we went into town to pick up some paint. Wondering what paint has to do with gardening right? 

It’s the first sunny, warm day we’ve had for a while here so I decided it would be a good idea to get outside and paint our insect hotel. I actually didn’t realise it was one of the challenges so we’ve already been working on one for a while, but it had been pushed aside with everything else that’s been going on. This latest mini challenge was the perfect motivation we needed to complete it. 

Luke has learnt a lot about insect hotels over the past couple of months, from both home and his daycare (they recently built one, which was our initial inspiration for creating our own). We picked out some blue paint today because I was told, “bugs like blue Mummy.” He’s not wrong either. Bees especially are attracted to blues. 

We purchased three test pots of paint from Mitre 10. I didn’t even enter the garden centre part of Mitre 10 so there was no temptation to buy more plants that I didn’t need. 

We set ourselves up in the backyard and got to work. Luke did most of the painting himself. He kept telling me that he could do the tricky bits all by himself. Once he’d had enough I filled in the empty patches and smoothed out his paint work. He actually did a really good job and worked so hard. 

It looks like we’ll need to do another trip down the paddock to collect some more materials. I’ve also had a work mate kindly give us some bamboo to chop up. 

I’ll do another post once we’ve completed it, but for now this is our little update. 

After a walk around the garden there’s a few things that are ready to come out/be picked – freckle lettuces, beetroot, peas and the odd carrot. It might also be time to write Luke’s name on a courgette. Maybe I’ll write my name on one too and we’ll see who can grow the biggest one! Nothing like a little bit of healthy competition in our house haha. 

I hope everyone else has had a good week in the garden. I’m sorry I haven’t been very interactive this week while I’ve been away. Will check in with reading some posts over the weekend :)