Eating The Rainbow

Simone - Picnics and Paddocks is talking about growing Beetroot, Celery, Peas from Northland

Garden ready!

There’s something special about picking your own vegetables straight from the garden. Tonight Luke and I went out into our little veggie patch to pick some fresh vegetables, as well as a couple of strawberries. We’ve been growing rainbow beetroot and decided to take two out to see how big they were. Luke had lots of fun helping to pull them out of the ground. We’ll leave the rest in a bit longer. I’d really like to buy a couple more punnets to get some succession planting going with the beetroot. 

Luke is beginning to learn that some vegetables grow underneath the ground e.g. beetroot, carrots and radishes; while others grow above the ground (like our celery and kale). Sometimes it’s easy to forget that while we’re learning so are our little ones too. He’s not only learning how to grow different vegetables, but also things like new language, mathematical concepts etc. He told his dad tonight that he’d be in for bed soon because he was still helping me to bring in the veggies. Had to have a quiet laugh to myself.

For now, we’re just picking a little bit at a time. As well as beetroot, we picked peas, celery, kale and the strawberries. We picked almost every colour of the rainbow. Luke did so well to not eat his three strawberries so that they could be popped into his lunch box tomorrow. Yesterday was the first Saturday in a while that I didn’t make it into town to the local growers market. I realised today that it didn’t really matter as we were able to get enough bits and pieces from the garden to go with the leftover vegetables from last week. One of the things I love about picking from the garden or even buying from the growers market is that the vegetables stay fresh that much longer.

I’ve picked more than what I need for tomorrow night’s dinner so with what’s left over I’ll put together a simple stir fry pack, then put it in the freezer for another night. I’m looking forward to cutting open the orange beetroot to see what it looks like inside too.

I hope everyone else had a good weekend (in or out of the garden). I’m thankful for all the rain we’ve had this weekend, as the water tank really needed it. I’m also hopeful for some more fine weather this week so I can get back out in the garden a bit more. My popping  corn and last few varieties of squash are growing well in their six cell punnets. A lot of them will be ready to be hardened off this week (weather dependent). I really need to get onto putting together my little planter box to take away when we go camping as well. Lots to look forward to, especially as Term 4 starts to wind down and we get that little bit closer to the summer holidays.