Strawberry Picking And More Wet Weather

Simone - Picnics and Paddocks is talking about growing Tomato from Northland

Garden ready!

The forecast is for more rain and thunderstorms this weekend – great for the water tank, not so great for getting out in the garden. 

In preparation for more bad weather I didn’t get inside until after 8 pm last night. I wanted to make sure the lawns were mowed before the weekend. This morning I went outside with Luke. I tied the tomatoes up again and then we picked a few strawberries. I promised him after his kindy visit (he starts next year) that he could pick out his favourite ice cream at the supermarket. So tonight for dessert is Jelly Tip ice cream and strawberries straight from the garden. 

With all the rain we’re having everything is starting to really take off. I’m hoping we get a few breaks in the weather this weekend so I can complete the following ‘to do’ list. I’ll need my husband’s help for a couple of these jobs, as I’m as useless as tits on a bull with a hammer and nail! 

My little weekend ‘to do’ list… 

  • Stake a couple of tomatoes that don’t have stakes yet. The majority of my tomatoes were staked at the time of planting to ensure the roots weren’t damaged. There’s a couple that missed getting a stake though and I need to get those in asap with the weather that we currently have. 
  • Remove laterals from tomatoes. I’m trying so hard to keep my tomatoes under control this year, before they end up in a big crazy mess. 
  • Use Yates Nature’s Way Fungus Spray on the potatoes and tomatoes. We’re up to day 10 again so I’m continuing to do this for now to help prevent and further fungal diseases, especially with all the rain! 
  • Remove some of the baby cabbages and prep that patch of garden for the popping corn. 
  • I was hoping to harden plants off, but we’ll see what this weather does first. 
  • I need my other half to put up some frames for the vertical growing I plan on doing. The runner beans definitely need a frame and the pumpkins are going to be ready for that very soon too. 
  • Build the tomato cage. Around the main tomato garden we plan on putting this. It needs to happen sooner, rather than later as the tomatoes are growing like crazy and are almost to the tops of their stakes (most of them, I should say anyway). I’ll then start tying down from the top. 
  • Harvest the Freckles lettuces and drop off to familymembers.
  • Tie up a couple of the courgettes that I’m trying to grow up the stake. 

As I walk around the garden I’m sure I’ll notice other bits and pieces that need to be done, but that’s it for now :)