Starting Off in the Yates Vegie Challenge

Sophia Moon is talking about growing Beetroot, Celery, Kale, Silverbeet, Something else, Herbs from Auckland

Just starting off...

First timer in the Yates Vegie Challenge! I’m gardening at my mum’s house where we have 4 garden beds and many fruit trees! However I rent elsewhere with just a balcony to work with.

Over the rainy weekend I weeded out three out of my four garden beds. Unfortunately for me I have some very hungry possum neighbours that like to eat a lot of what I grow so it will be a battle! They were totally overrun with weeds but I left in the celery and garlic which are both still growing. In raised planter boxes I’ve been harvesting some asparagus, and some herbs. Discovered some long lost potatoes, which I replanted into the beds, but now I am thinking I need to pull them up and wait for them to sprout first, as they haven’t sprouted yet. What do you experts say?

I was also gifted some Jeruselum Artichoke tubers from a kind neighbour so I planted those to see what happens.

I had some seedlings ready to go so I transplanted some silverbeet, kale, beetroot and more celery. Sow excited hehehehe