Sitting while I sow

The Butler duo is talking about growing Carrot, Lettuce, Parsnip, Peas, Pumpkin, Tomato, Zucchini, Something else from Canterbury

Garden in progress

Over the weekend Hubby got the stunning Macro toppers on our 2 raised beds , we now have 2 complete , and the are full , I planted Beans , Peas , Lettuce , Carrots , Parsnip , To the Blue peas and Radish that I put in a couple of weeks back , I got a tad impatient and put the new teepee over to pf some carrot seeds I think were a tad old , But hey if any want to join the party late that is totally fine by me .

I got some peas from our sharing shed , lovely wee pink beans slightly speckled , I assumed that due to their small size they would be dwarf beans , but when I popped in the snake climbing beans they are about the same size , eeekk so that assumption was clearly not to accurate but I will keep an eye out and add some support if needed .

My Hap hazard saved Tom seeds are cranking , but no second sets of leaves just yet so a wee wait before I transplant them .

The Pumpkins and courgettes are on track , I am growing loads this year and for every one after as extra food for our stock .

I have planted out 2 wee Cape Gooseberries to a better spot as they had popped up next to our Sweet peas and they both need to much room to share .

And 3 Luffa , which I had forgotten to label if they are the Luffa or the other so I have my fingers crossed for the Luffa but we shall see .

And knowing that I have way to much seed and the strike rate for germination is getting a bit below par , I am planting everything that have been saved before this march .  Lucky I have the space , And as they say if your fortunate to have more than you need , extend your table not your fences .