Tuakaus Little Stars ECC is talking about growing Broad beans, Broccoli, Capsicum, Pumpkin, Something else from Waikato

Garden in progress

The carrots we planted in the perspex container have germinated. Mostly the ones in the middle but there are a few on the outside. At this point the children have noticed and are excited that there are roots. It will be great to part of this leaning experience where they can actually watch the carrot forming and growing. 

Around the rest of the garden we have tied up the peas and picked more broccoli. The broad beans look like they have finished. The capsicum and the cucumber have put on lots of growth.

Yesterday we planted out some of our seedlings, giant pumpkin and loofah however when we went to see them this morning they have disappeared??? It may have something to do with a few wee helping hands.  

Sorry the photo isnt the best.